ColibriSM – The Ultimate Social Network PHP Script Like Twitter

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With the ColibriSM script at your disposal, you have the ability to effortlessly craft a potent and distinctive social networking platform from virtually any corner of the globe, all while maintaining a modest budget.

  1. Responsive and Aesthetically Pleasing Design: Our script offers a contemporary and visually appealing design that adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes.
  2. Monetization Made Simple: Implement a content monetization system with ease, allowing for paid profile subscriptions to generate revenue.
  3. Progressive Web App (PWA) Integration: Our script includes PWA apps, enhancing user engagement and providing an immersive experience.
  4. Robust Administrative Control: Take charge with an attractive and powerful admin panel, ensuring efficient management of your platform.
  5. Media Versatility: Users can effortlessly upload images, videos, audios, and documents directly from their devices, expanding the content diversity on your platform.
  6. Rich Multimedia Integration: Import GIFs from the internet to keep your content dynamic and engaging.
  7. Effective Communication: Implement a comprehensive chat system for real-time interactions among users.
  8. Day & Night Modes: Enhance user experience with the option to toggle between light and dark modes.
  9. Stay Informed: Keep users engaged with a notifications system, including push notifications for timely updates.
  10. Engagement Features: Encourage user interaction with like and comment systems, as well as post censoring for content moderation.
  11. Sharing and Reposting: Facilitate content dissemination with post sharing and reposting functionalities.
  12. Polls for Engagement: Foster engagement with a polls system to gather opinions and insights.
  13. Pin Posts: Allow users to pin their posts to their profiles and offer admins the ability to pin timeline posts.
  14. Media Embeds: Enhance content diversity with YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Maps embed systems.
  15. Monetize with Google AdSense: Maximize revenue potential with integrated Google AdSense support.
  16. Swifts System (User Stories): Engage users with a swifts system for sharing short-lived, ephemeral stories.
  17. Streamlined Page Loading: Enhance user experience with a Single Page Application (SPA) page load system.
  18. Ad Placement: Monetize through ads with an integrated ads system.
  19. Fundraising Opportunities: Enable donations through a fundraising system.
  20. Efficient Data Storage: Utilize Amazon S3 and Wasabi S3 storage options via the admin panel.
  21. Customizable Upload Limits: Tailor media upload limits as needed through the admin panel.
  22. Admin Control: Empower your team with the ability to add multiple administrators.
  23. Affiliate Marketing: Implement an affiliate system to expand your platform’s reach.
  24. Voice Recorder: Allow users to record and share voice messages.
  25. Reporting Mechanisms: Implement user and publication report systems, as well as the ability to hide publications. 
  26. And much more…..


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ColibriSM – The Ultimate Social Network PHP Script Like Twitter

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